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Full of squidgy energy, Soreen has been enjoyed for nearly 80 years.

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About Soreen

Soreen Malt Loaf is still made from John Sorensen’s original and top secret 1938 recipe, which to this day is kept under lock and key. Amongst their bakery team, there are only a handful of people who are privy to its detail.    With its naturally low-fat recipe and balanced nutritionals, malt loaf is a perfect on the go energy giving snack. The brand has extended their range into a number of formats and recipes to make it even easier for the nation to be fuelled by Soreen.   Soreen is recommended as a ‘Good Choice’ snack by Change4Life which is committed to helping families cut back on the amount of sugar they have by suggesting swaps from high to lower sugar food choices.   We stock their best-selling single serve bars and pre-buttered snack packs. Delicious.
  • Full of squidgy energy

  • Change4Life ‘Good Choice’ snack

  • Merchandising support available