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18 Dec 2019

Ready Steady Christmas

Honest Crust partnered with Fareshare last year for the launch of it’s first sandwich line! As part of this partnership, Honest Crust have been able to fund the equivalent of 200,000 meals for people who need it most.

The purpose of this event with charity E2, was to raise awareness around food waste and food poverty in the UK. Ready Steady Christmas saw chefs from Fareshare and Honest Crust come together to explain and give ideas of how typical left over food during the festive period, doesn’t need to go to waste. 
Students and the local community who attend the E2 charity got involved in cooking up a festive feast with typical Christmas leftovers. 
Chefs pulled together all left over vegetables to create a creamy vegetable soup garnished with croutons, seeds and herbs. 
The main meal used up left-over turkey to make a delicious turkey and leek pie. For the vegetarians there was also a leek and potato pie, which used up the left over roasties! 

The dessert was an epic mixture of all things sweet, crunchy, chewy and delicious, a Festive Tiffin! Using biscuits, dried fruits, chocolates and nuts. Fusing it all together and covering with melted chocolate – the perfect end to a delicious festive meal made from leftovers to ensure a #nowastechristmas 
Local bloggers and influencers attended the event as well as BBC Radio Leicester recognising that food waste and food poverty is a topic which really needs some focus and support. 

Honest Crust hope to work with Fareshare for more events such as Ready Steady Christmas in the future to help raise awareness and support local communities in food poverty, because everyone deserves to eat well!