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The food to go Chiller Filler team

Fresh Food For Now Company: a dedicated team of food to go experts working hard every day to bring great tasting food to retailers across the UK.

Hand holding a wrap
A vintage photo of a Samworth Brothers factory

Proud to be part of the Samworth Brothers group

Samworth Brothers is a fourth generation family business, and pride in family values inspires everything we do. Our team work hard to make sure our customers, staff and the communities in which we work benefit from those values of quality, loyalty, and service.

We're a prominent member of the Institute for Family Business, and our vision is to continue to own and invest in the business for years to come so we can pass down our values to future generations.

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Quality is a way of life

We plan and invest with a long term view, so quality is a way of life for us. It also means that we have a deep commitment to people and communities, excellence in customer service, consideration for food provenance and integrity in our business dealings.

A chef taking pride in his work
16 sales offices across the UK
Keeping hunger at bay across the UK

We’re a nationwide company serving businesses everywhere. We’ve got the size and scale to reach virtually any type of business whatever its location, from big city shops to rural communities and roadside service stations.